Boost Your Trade Show Display Appeal With These Three Designs

The Longtail Ad   •   Dec 9, 2018

Trade shows are great opportunities to build your corporate brand and expand your customer base. Especially for B2B companies, these events could provide a consistent flow of deals and sales. In order to have a successful trade show, you should make your trade show display as attractive as possible. It’s another opportunity to communicate your brand identity and culture. Today, we’ll show you how to boost your trade show appeal.

Custom Printed Banners

When attendees pass by your booth, your custom banners should have enough information to pull them into your booth. These custom printed graphics should be eye-catching and professional. If you are talking with another prospect, your banners and canopies can still bring in foot traffic on their own.

Offer Industry Related Contests

A contest or giveaway can boost the appeal of your trade show booth. In many cases, attendees will trade their information for an opportunity to win a prize. This could be a product giveaway or other industry related giveaway. Make this a focal point of your display so that people will stop and then learn more about your corporation.

Integrate Digital Displays

Digital displays can dramatically improve how attendees see your trade show display. While this requires more setup, it does give you much more flexibility to change your branding images and messages. This level of customization could spark interest to specific audiences. Or, it could encourage others to use a specific hashtag for the event. This is one of the best ways to boost the effectiveness of your trade show display.

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