How To Measure ROI On Your Corporate Branding Campaign

The Longtail Ad   •   Dec 9, 2018

Marketing provessionals should measure their corporate branding campaigns for profitability. There are many ways to measure ROI for your campaign. With the proper measurements, you can ensure profitability for your marketing efforts. Moreover, you can benchmark your efforts against the competition. In this post, we’ll cover how measure your ROI to get the best return out of your campaign.

Establish Social Media Monitoring

Firstly, your signage and branding campaigns should include follow us icons. Each graphic should include hashtags, profile names or similar call to actions. With social media monitoring, you can track mentions, likes and follows back to specific corporate branding campaigns.

Compare Spending On Marketing Channels

Divide all of your marketing spending into various channels. This comparison can reveal marketing channels that are offering a higher ROI. From quarter to quarter, adjust your spending in the most profitable channels. Or, place more attention on low performing channels to increase conversions and exposure. Measuring your multi-channel marketing approach would keep your marketing ROI worthwhile.

Create A Marketing Dashboard

With a marketing dashboard, you can measure your corporate branding ROI by customer segment. Set demographic and market based targets in your dashboard. Throughout each campaign, measure against your progress to meet your goals. Marketing dashboards are a highly effective way to measure your branding ROI.

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